SHOW: Bracelet 14

Title:      Bracelet.
General:    This Sea Serpent Bracelet has enamelled eyes, the head is
            raised. The tail is forged and constructed.
Material:   Sterling Silver, Enamel.
Method:     Constructed, Raised, Forged.
Finish:     Polished.
Mechanics:  This bracelet is of an open type so that it me easily be
            adjusted to the wearer. The tail rides loose in the mouth. The
            head is raised from a cone.
Designer:   W.van Heeckeren.
Craftsman:  W.van Heeckeren.

Price:      AUS $ 650.00.


        STERLING SILVER is a binary Silver alloy consisting of:
                        925 parts/1000 Pure Silver and
                        75 parts/1000 Pure Copper.
 Annealing temperature: 750 degrees Celsius.
   Melting Temperature: 950 degrees Celsius.


Vitreous ENAMEL.

                Enamel  is  a powdered glass, applied to the surface
                        of a metal, and is then fired in a kiln to fuse the
                        powdered glass into a solid mass.  In the process
                        the enamel adheres to the metal.



                Raising is a method of shrinking sheet metal in order to
                        form hollow shapes.  For instance:  a bowl, or a
                        jug may be raised from flat sheet metal in one
                        single   piece.    During  the  process  the  metal
                        actually thickens.



        FORGING is a method of deforming metal with a hammer on an anvil.
                In the case of Sterling Silver and the Karat Golds, this
                must be done COLD!  If a hot forging is attempted the
                precious metals will just crumble.  In their PURE form
                Silver and Gold will allow HOT forging, but there is no
                benefit to be gained.