Custom Ordering

There is virtually nothing that cannot be made, So if You have a special
requirement, then please describe the item, and
Email it to Me.
I will then do a sketch (if you have not already supplied one), and give
you a quote by EMAIL.

Then when you are satisfied, you can FAX me your order, with your
credit card details. Your credit card will not be charged until
I am ready to ship.
When ordering, please include as much detail as you can. i.e.:
A sketch or picture of the item, or just a written description of your idea.
If you are not sure, perhaps you will allow Me to suggest something for your requirement.
Finger/arm/neck/ankle/waist size as appropriate for the item,
Stone colour/type,
Material,(Gold, Silver, Platinum, Wood, Leather, Acrylic, Peanut-Butter), etc..