SHOW: Quirt.

Title:      Quirt.
General:    This is a Quirt handle, hand blown from a Sterling Silver Tube.
            The hair is fire gilt with 24 K Gold. The Quirt is a 12 strand
            plait with twin tails.
Material:   Sterling Silver handle leather Quirt.
Method:     Hand Blown, Fire Gilt.
Finish:     Polished.
Mechanics:  The Handle is hand blown.
Designer:   Walraven van Heeckeren.
Craftsman:  Walraven van Heeckeren.

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Price:   AUS $ 3500.00.


        STERLING SILVER is a binary Silver alloy consisting of:
                        925 parts/1000 Pure Silver and
                        75 parts/1000 Pure Copper.
 Annealing temperature: 750 degrees Celsius.
   Melting Temperature: 950 degrees Celsius.



        Hand Blowing is a method of forming metal by creating a
                        sealed form such as a cylinder with a bottom. The
                        top edge is then sealed and a hydrolic fluid is
                        then pumped into the cylinder. If the cylinder is
                        placed in a die, then the expanding hydraulic fluid
                        will push the metal into the form of the die.



                Fire gilding is a method of applying Gold to the
                        surface of an object. 24K Gold is dissolved in
                        mercury, and the resulting amalgam is rubbed onto
                        the surface where the Gold is to be applied. The
                        mercury takes the gold into the surface of the
                        silver  and  the  mercury  is  then driven off with
                        heat. This creates a permanent bond between the
                        Gold and the Silver. The gold is then polished with
                        a burnisher.

                        Mercury  vapour is poisonous, and should be handled
                        in a fume cupboard.  The fumes must not be inhaled.



        Burnishing is an old method of polishing metal. By rubbing
                        the surface of the metal to be polished with a
                        highly  polished piece of steel called a burnisher,
                        the surface itself becomes polished.