SHOW: Collar.

Title:      Collar.
General:    This is a 24K Gold hand forged Collar. The collar has to be
            permanently forged closed around the slaves neck.
Material:   24K Gold.
Method:     Forged.
Finish:     Burnished.
Mechanics:  Forged closed.
Designer:   Walraven van Heeckeren.
Craftsman:  Walraven van Heeckeren.

            To Order, You must include
measurements of
            the neck at the point where you would like the collar to sit.

Price:   AUS $ 36000.00.


               24 K GOLD is a pure precious metal:
                        1000 parts/1000 Pure GOLD.
 Annealing temperature: 800 degrees Celsius.
   Melting Temperature: 1062 degrees Celsius.



    FORGING is a method of deforming metal with a hammer on an anvil.
                In the case of Sterling Silver and the Karat Golds, this
                must be done COLD!  If a hot forging is attempted the
                precious metals will just crumble.  In their PURE form
                Silver and Gold will allow HOT forging, but there is no
                benefit to be gained.



        Burnishing is an old method of polishing metal. By rubbing
                        the surface of the metal to be polished with a
                        highly  polished piece of steel called a burnisher,
                        the surface itself becomes polished.