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Title:      Ring.
General:    Sterling Silver Prayer Wheel Ring. By spinning the wheel once
            around the prayer ( or Mantra ) is said once.
            The Mantra of compassion
            OM MANI PADME HUM is pronounced by the tibetans: Om Mani Peme
            Hung, It embodies the compassion and blessing of all the
            buddhas and bodhisattvas, and invokes especially the blessing
            of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of compassion. Avalokiteshvara,
            is a manifestation of the Buddha in the Sambhogakaya, and his
            mantra is considered the essence of the Buddha's compassion
            for all beings. Just as Padmasambhava is the most important
            master for the Tibetan people, Avalokiteshvara is their most
            important Buddha, and the karmic deity of Tibet. There is a
            famous saying that the Buddha of Compassion became so embedded
            in the Tibetan consciousness that any child who could say the
            word "mother" could also recite the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

Material:   Sterling Silver.
Method:     Constructed, Drop Forged.
Finish:     Polished, Satin Finish.
Mechanics:  The wheel runs on a plain bearing.
Designer:   W.van Heeckeren.
Craftsman:  W.van Heeckeren.

Availability:   This Ring is currently available.

Price:      AUS $ 350.00.


        STERLING SILVER is a binary Silver alloy consisting of:
                        925 parts/1000 Pure Silver and
                        75 parts/1000 Pure Copper.
 Annealing temperature: 750 degrees Celsius.
   Melting Temperature: 950 degrees Celsius.



    Drop Forging is a method of deforming metal with a drop hammer,
                on a machine called a Dropforge.  The Dropforge is simply a
                set of vertical rails with a big, sliding weight (hammer),
                which can be lifted to the top and is then dropped onto the
                object to be forged.  The drop forge may be used to deform
                solid bar, squash solid metal into form dies, and to form
                sheet metal into dies.



        a  Satin  Finish is a surface finish, achieved by using fine
                        emery  paper/cloth  to create parallel lines in the
                        surface of the object.  When very coarse emery is
                        used,  it  is called a "linished finish", for which
                        Industry  uses a machine called a "linisher", which
                        is basically a belt sander.