SHOW: Trophies 11

Title:      Trophies.
General:    Sterling Silver Fountain quill. Made for an inter governmental
            signing ceremony.
Material:   Sterling Silver.
Method:     Constructed, Hand Engraved, Florentined.
Finish:     Polished.
Mechanics:  The fountain pen mechanics were taken from a Sheaffer Pen.
Designer:   W.van Heeckeren.
Craftsman:  W.van Heeckeren.

Price:      AUS $ 2600.00.


        Engraving is surface decoration, usually used to inscribe
                        lettering, but it may be used to put any design on
                        the surface.  In engraving a small cutting chisel,
                        called a graver or scorper, is used to cut small
                        channels into the surface of the metal.  If the
                        graver is well polished, it leaves a very polished
                        cut.  This is sometimes called bright cutting.



        STERLING SILVER is a binary Silver alloy consisting of:
                        925 parts/1000 Pure Silver and
                        75 parts/1000 Pure Copper.
 Annealing temperature: 750 degrees Celsius.
   Melting Temperature: 950 degrees Celsius.



    FLORENTINEING is a surface finish, achieved by using a special
                    graver, which has a number of parallel grooves cut in
                    the bottom.  The effect of this is that the graver
                    cuts many parallel lines at once.  In Florentineing,
                    first a series of parallel cuts are made followed by a
                    second set, which are cut across the first set, at 45
                    degrees to the first set.  The tool may be referred to
                    as a florentineing tool, or a line graver.